Our Mission




EducatorLabs is comprised of school librarians and media/market research specialists who work as curators and conservators of the scholastic web. In previous decades, our resource collections were finite and we knew our card catalog backwards and forwards; nowadays, modern technology provides us with a seemingly infinite inventory of educational resources. Unfortunately, there simply are no comprehensive card catalogs for the internet and, sadly, many untapped resources go undiscovered by most teachers.

Naturally, we feel compelled to bridge the gap. Our mission is to assist educators, for whom time is a precious commodity, in discovering valuable resources of substance for classroom use. We also seek to strengthen connections among the educational web by acting as courier: because of our high standards, our approach is grassroots and hands-on in nature.

A bright future for our world starts with top-notch education. Teachers, we want to help you find the lesson plans you need! Use our Resource Request form here to request a resource packet, at no cost to you.


Current Projects.

Resource Banks

Our main project for everyone is our Resource Bank: a growing archive of high quality reference points for educators and students. Teachers will find it a valuable resource for finding activities and information to aid in lesson planning, and students can browse it to learn more on a subject of interest.

Resource Packets

Know what resource you’re looking for? If you have a topic and age group in mind, use our Resource Request form here to let us know what you need. We’ll try to find just the right lesson plan, at no cost to you!

Our resource packets are customized to your topic of interest and desired age group. See an example of a resource packet here.